Zahari Zlatev received his MSc from the Sofia University and his PhD from the Sct. Petersburg University. He is now emeritus senior scientist at the Department of Environmental Science of Aarhus University, Denmark, where he worked during many years. He spent a sabbatical year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Zahari Zlatev developed, together with several of his co-workers, the Unified Danish Eulerian Model (UNI-DEM), which is used by scientists from several European countries in many environmental and climate change studies. He participated in many international scientific projects.
Main areas of research: Scientific Computing, Applied Mathematics and Air Pollution Modelling (including here studying the influence of climatic changes on high pollution levels). Zahari Zlatev published seven monographs. He has been editor of many proceedings volumes and twenty special issues of international journals, has published 182 papers in international journals, 233 papers in proceedings of international conferences and more than 200 institutional reports.
Zahari Zlatev has been involved in training young specialists; including graduated students and PhD students. Zahari Zlatev organized five international conferences. Moreover, Zahari Zlatev was one of organizers of sixteen mini-symposia at international conferences. He has been an invited speaker at 53 international conferences and many times a member of the organizing committee of international workshops and conferences.


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